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Graduation Ceremony


Congratulations on your monumental achievement!

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If you would like to attend the graduation ceremony on 22nd September 2023, please complete the form below

Graduation Videos

Graduation videos can be watched by clicking the link below.

Graduation FAQs

For answers to the most frequently asked questions please see the following sections

My eQuals

All new graduates of CIHE will now receive certified digital copies of their graduation documents through the 

My eQuals portal.

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  1. Do you count baby as a guest, because I would have 2 guests and one baby? If i have more guests what can I do?
    Each student can only invite 2 guests to attend the ceremony with them. Due to limitation with seating, we can not accomodate additional guest. If you wish to invite more, you can consult with your attending friend who is not inviting any guest to let you use their guests’ ticket.


  2. How much is the fee for graduation ceremony?
    The graduation ceremony fee $200.00. The fee covers gown and hood hire, photography and canapés and light refreshments for you and your guests


  3. Does the graduation fee include hiring of the academic dress?
    Yes, the graduation fee covers the cost of hiring your academic dress, including gown and hood. Please note that if you purchase your academic dress, you are still required to pay the graduation fee.


  4. Where is the location?
    Once you apply for the graduation ceremony, all the details will be emailed to your nominated email address.