BIT Double Degree Program

Pioneering Collaboration: Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) Program Double Degree through MOU between KU and CIHE

Crown Institute of Higher Education (CIHE) is delighted to announce an exciting collaboration with (KU) in Nepal, marking the launch of our Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) double degree program. This pioneering partnership brings together the collective expertise and resources of both institutions, with (KU) taking the lead in guiding students through the foundational two years of study, followed by CIHE overseeing the latter two years. With a commitment to excellence and a maximum intake capacity of 30 students per cohort, our program is designed to provide a comprehensive and enriching educational experience in the ever-evolving realm of information technology.

A Personalised Learning Journey

  • Immerse yourself in the diverse and stimulating academic environments offered by both CIHE and(KU), where innovative teaching methods and cutting-edge research thrive.

  • Experience seamless transition pathways tailored to meet the unique needs of students, whether they choose to continue their studies in Nepal or face visa-related challenges in Australia.

  • Explore a multitude of educational pathways and opportunities, including alternative routes such as the Bachelor of Computer Science or Bachelor of Technology in Artificial Intelligence programs at Kathmandu University(KU), or

  • An educational pathway at CIHE that takes you toward professional areas of expertise that are in demand in the Australian labour market and around the world, including cyber security and ITIL.

  • Stay in Australia for a further two years and complete CIHE’s Master of Information Technology, which deepens your specialisation in cyber security, or allows a further specialisation as a Software Engineer.

  • Both the KU and CIHE programs are aligned with international frameworks for the knowledge and skills of computer professionals that mean your expertise will be valued anywhere in the world.

  • There is no better way of developing yourself as a citizen of the world than studying and working in multiple countries.

  • Benefit from the potential opportunity of a complete BIT program at Kathmandu University(KU), providing eligible students with a seamless continuation of their educational journey and the possibility of graduating with a prestigious BIT degree.

  • Obtain dual degrees from both institutions, offering not only a diverse educational experience but also cost-effective fee structures and access to numerous scholarship opportunities exclusively available at (CIHE).