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We are all going through a period of uncertainty, but there are hints of optimism as we hear Australian leaders saying the words, “when this is over” and early planning for the path out of current restrictions. During times of doubt and ambiguity, the best thing we can do is arm ourselves with facts. The most reliable source of information is the Australian Government Coronavirus app: https://www.health.gov.au/resources/apps-and-tools/coronavirus-australia-app. If you are worried about symptoms, visit https://gp2u.com.au/.

Try not to rely on updates from social media posts as they often make us feel anxious and may not be reliable. Constantly watching news reports can also become overwhelming. I try to limit the time I spend updating myself and occupy my mind with other things like speaking to a friend, taking a walk or reading a book. Try to create a plan for each day which includes breaks and time for exercise and maintain a routine where you get up and go to bed at similar times each day. This helps focus on the things we can control, rather than the things we can’t.

While spending a lot of time alone, things that distract us will help ease feelings of anxiety. This is a helpful method to calm nerves or anxiety that the Navy seals use: https://thriveglobal.com/stories/simple-breathing-trick-calms-nerves/

Try to think about who you can keep in contact with and how you can use apps such as WhatsApp and Zoom to talk to someone online. Often. It’s important that you talk to people you trust and continue to stay connected. They might be in the same situation and can help you navigate a suitable path.

Most of us used to travel to and from the Crown Institute. As you are studying from home, that time can be translated into something productive now. Why not consider increasing your skills. A great way to do this is through:

Why not listen to a podcast or TED Talk, you will always learn something.

Here’s hoping you can capitalise on the extra time you have available before things return to normal.

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