What is a Student Council?
A student council is a group elected by students to represent their interests and address issues within the college. It works to enhance the overall student experience, organize events, and foster communication between students and the school administration.


  • Promote and advocate the interests and welfare of students
  • Be able to have a clear communication between student and staff 
  • Be able to represent the students of CIHE 
  • Make sure students at CIHE are able to comfortably join clubs and activities within campus
  • Promote extra events and activities within CIHE 
  • Encourage cultural diversity 
  • Provide welcoming social engagement amongst new students 
  • Represent CIHE at events internally and externally 
  • Organise events both educational and social within campus under the guidance of CEO

If you have any suggestions or comments...

Meet our Student Council Representatives



Dipendra Panta 

Being a member of the student council, i believe it’s a chance to make a positive impact on campus, represent fellow students and contribute to planning events and initiatives and a great way to develop leadership skills and work as a team. Joining the student council is a decision I made based on my deep commitment to creating a positive impact in our school community. I think by actively participating in the student council, we can collectively work towards bringing about meaningful changes and improvements

Vice President

Swikriti Khadka 

As vice president I envision myself as a bridge between the students and the council, ensuring that every voice is heard and every concern is addressed

General Secretary/Student Events

Niresh Maximus Carwallio

Being able to advocate for the students of CIHE and explore different ways to better the campus life for students is something I strive in being part of and being able to create a safe community within the college.

General Secretary/Student Events

Ankan Siddique

Exploring different sectors beside my study is one of my hobbies and for that reason joining Student Council was my best decision. Working with my fellow mates , seniors and juniors from my college gives me the opportunity to grow more and be a bit better everyday


Purpose and Context

  • Crown Institute of Higher Education acknowledges the need for students to be represented equitably and fairly through an independent and accountable organisation.
  • Student representation at a higher education level is important as student representatives are a critical component of effective communication between students and the higher education administration.
  • The overarching purpose of student representation at the Institute is to provide students with an opportunity to voice their views, suggestions and concerns through a proper and efficient process.
  • The voice of the student body is important in the governance of the Institution; student representatives and student members suggest, develop, and implement solutions that are campus specific and University wide.
  • CIHE also sees the role that active student participation has in fostering a vibrant higher education community, and promotes all forms of student participation either through student representation or other approved channels, such as being actively involved in Clubs and Societies.
  • The Institution is committed to ensuring that all students have the ability to participate in any way they can. CIHE has a number of avenues available for students to become actively involved in the Institution and some of the ways students can participate is on:
    1. Academic Senate and its Standing Committees
    2. Clubs and Societies, and
    3. Other higher education Committees.
    4. On campus student events
    5. Volunteer for CIHE events
  • The elected student representative bodies, including the Student Representative Council, are integral elements in student representation and participation.