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Please Note: Quoted fee is standard fee for current calendar year only. Tuition fees are reviewed every calendar year. Revised fee may be applied to subsequent calendar years. The increase in tuition fee in each calendar year will be no more than 4%. No increase will be applied to any fees fully paid in advance.

The CIHE Statement of Tuition Assurance is available HERE.

Applicants should read CIHE’s Student Selection and Admissions Policy. International applicants should also read CIHE’s International Student Deferment, Suspension and Cancellation Policy and Procedure. Domestic applicants should also read CIHE’s Domestic Student Withdrawal and Refund Policy.

Tuition Fees


CIHE provides computers on campus for student use and we provide access to all online systems that you will require for your study. It is expected that all students will have access to personal computers to use in their studies.

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