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Preparation is Key for Educational Success

Hello 2024, are you ready? It’s now 2024 and your anticipation for your offer letters is peaking to its limit as your stomach and gut is swirling in anxiety. There’s nothing more stressful than the waiting game – No one likes it, especially when some of your friends have already received emails determining what’s the next step.  So how ready …

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CIHE Openday

Why Open Day is important ?

Open days are events where education providers invite potential students to visit and discover the campus. These days are full of informative and interactive activities, ...
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Crown Institution of Higher Education (CIHE) Partners with FITDOJO to Boost Student Fitness

CIHE is pleased to announce its collaboration with FIT DOJO, a local martial arts club founded by CIHE alumnus Sabin Subedi. The aim is to ...
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Table Tennis Tournament Tournament Organized

Sydney, October 15, 2023 – The Crown Institute of Higher Education (CIHE) is delighted to announce the successful conclusion of its inaugural Table Tennis Tournament, ...
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The Indisputable Impact of Scholarships on Australian Students' Financial Struggles

The Indisputable Impact of Scholarships on Australian Students’ Financial Struggles

Access to quality education is a universal right, but the reality is that many Australian students face financial obstacles that hinder their pursuit of higher ...
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How Scholarships Ease Financial Burdens for Australian Students

In the realm of higher education, the formidable cost can act as a formidable barrier for many Australian students. Scholarships have emerged as a vital ...
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The Practical Value of Internships for Domestic Students

Thinking ‘Why internships’? Then this article is for you.  Internships have become a vital stepping stone for students seeking practical skills and real-world experience in ...
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