Entrepreneurship and
Innovation Club

Though Australia is a global frontrunner in science and research, we are still falling below the mark in terms of collaboration and commercialisation of big ideas. Co-creation and innovative business model addresses our lack of alignment between different innovators – scientists, universities, businesses and government – that could unite and share their perspectives and expertise for collective good through entrepreneurship.

Students are the next generation of shaker-uppers, and therefore must be involved in any change-making process. Staff and researchers have immense knowledge in academia, but often miss real-world ground level application of their ideas. For this reason, the CIHE’s EIC aims to equip its students and staff with knowledge and a taste for entrepreneurship and innovation to utilise industry standard business as a tool to push forward exciting, promising ideas. As creativity and commercialisation must work in harmony to bring ideas to life, the EIC will create the ecosystem for changemakers to work together and bring about big change.

Club's Goals

  1. Engage with the partners to learn through their practical experience and contribute to the Global challenge;
  2. Identify and explain the Global challenge(s) that the students and staffs were created to address;
  3. Analyse the operations of the partners;
  4. Examine the cultural, social, political, historical, and economic contexts in which the partner operates;
  5. Co-create an innovative business model.


1. Identify Global Challenges
2. Prepare the scenario
3. Conceptual Discussion
4. Design Thinking
5. Hackathon

Ongoing Project
Business Idea Competition 2021

This competition invites you to create an innovative business idea to address social and economic challenges of COVID-19 that Australian community is currently facing. A noble and sustainable business idea for the win.